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  1. 0312-1/3oz. Breathe Easy
    Encourages deep breathing and oxygen supply. Be..
  2. Amrita Synergy Blends Roll-Ons
    Unique therapeutic roll-on solutions. Made of t..
  3. 0663 Organic Synergy Sampler
    A selection of the most popular therapeutic ble..
  4. 0352-1/3oz. Citrus Bliss
    A celestial, sunny blend for a pure and happy h..
  5. 0325-1/3oz. Quit Craving
    Soothes irritability and nervousness. Promotes ..
  6. 0322-1/3oz. Anxiety Free
    Calming, helps with anxiety, gives a feeling of..
  7. 0321-1/3oz. Allergy Ease
    Helpful with asthma, hay-fever and other allerg..
  8. 0319-1/3oz. Mental Energizer
    Clarifies the mind, improves concentration and ..
  9. 0218-1/3oz. Spiritual Awakening
    Enlivens spiritual awareness. Relaxes, soothes ..
  10. 0317-1/3oz. Pure Joy
    A euphoric synergy that uplifts and is an aphro..
  11. 0316-1/3oz. Deep Rest
    Calms and facilitates sleep. (Sweet Marjoram, L..
  12. 0315-1/3oz. Respiration
    Helps with all respiratory problems and colds. ..

16 Items

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