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  1. Ultima 5 Digital TENS Unit
    The Ultima 5 is a digital five-mode TENS unit, ..
  2. Ultima Combo TENS/EMS Unit
    Combines the benefits of both TENS therapy and ..
  3. Micro 2000 Microcurrent Stimulator
    # Dual channel # Includes timer # Fully adjus..
  4. EMS 5.0 Muscle Stimulator
    # Dual isolated channel # Burst, constant &..
  5. Intelect IFC
    * Dual channel * Adjustable Pulse Amplitude, I..
  6. Replacement Tens Wire Set
    The new THERA-BAND® Wall Station is the fi..
  7. Amrex Conductive Spray
    For electrical stimulation. Non-allergenic. Odo..

8 Items

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