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  1. 520 5x12" Micro Beads Moist Heat Packs
    5x12" Microwavable moist heat pack. ..
  2. All Temp Instant Ice Packs - 4"x6"
    Instant first aid relief for bruises, strains, ..
  3. 554 11x15" Tri-Sectional Hot & Cold Comfort CorPak
    Designed specifically to cover the upper back, ..
  4. 552 Cervical 6x20" Hot & Cold Comfort Packs
    Designed specifically for the neck. Helps treat..
  5. 550 6x10" Medium Hot & Cold Comfort Pack
    Soft Comfort CorPaks are the perfect solution t..
  6. 551 10X13" Large Hot & Cold Comfort Pack
    Large size makes this pack perfect for the uppe..
  7. Core Products 525 Swede-O Joint Wrap
    The versatile design of the Swede-O® Joint ..
  8. 521 5x20" Micro Beads Moist Heat Packs
    5x20" Microwavable moist heat pack...
  9. 522 11x14" Micro Beads Moist Heat Packs
    11x14" Microwavable moist heat pack. ..
  10. 1500-Standard 11X14 In Chattanooga Colpac
    Packed with healing relief! For immediate relie..
  11. Chattanooga Hydrocollator Moist Heat Hot Pac
    Chattanooga is the inventor of the original Hyd..

53 Items

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