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  1. Amrex Dual Retractable Leadwires
    Dual Retractable Patient Lead Wire Features ..
  2. Chattanooga Leadwires
    Electrotherapy leadwire for Chattanooga therapy..
  3. Dynatronics 72" or 120" Leadwire, stereo / 2 pin
    Leadwires, stereo / 2 pin. For use with Dynatro..
  4. Snap Adapter - Black w/ Pigtail
    WS3147 snap adapters are compatible with a wide..
  5. Rubber Carbon Electrodes
    Made of carbon-infused medical-grade silicone r..
  6. Dynaflex Brown Electrodes - 2"x2" 10 Packs of 4 Electrodes
    Our DynaFlex Brown electrodes are constructed o..
  7. Ultima 5 Digital TENS Unit
    The Ultima 5 is a digital five-mode TENS unit, ..
  8. Ultima Combo TENS/EMS Unit
    Combines the benefits of both TENS therapy and ..

49 Items

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