Professional Botanicals PB109-4 Drams Bct (Herbal Oil #1070)

Applied Topically - Not for Human Consumption - BCT Oil is a topical support to the immune system.

A first aid kit necessity.


BCT Oil supports a body’s healthy response. This is a great go-to for camping or being outdoors.

Keep on hand for when backyard shenanigans go awry. Your go-to oil for protecting loved ones.

Picture this: your kids and their friends are playing nicely in the back yard, when suddenly you hear a scream. You run outside and see that your little boy is swatting a giant wasp away from his arm. Good thing you’ve got BCT Oil handy, as this potent blend of oils works to support the body’s natural immune response. With support from BCT Oil, your child can be playing again in no time.

THE essential oil.

BCT Oil contains potent, powerful oils like Wintergreen Oil and Sweet Basil Oil, both ofwhich are ethically gleaned from natural sources. These oils support your body without the negative side effects that come from using products with harmful or toxic ingredients. Basically, we don’t create products that we wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves.

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