Nordic Naturals ProDHA Memory

bul Highly bioavailable ingredients for optimal absorption
bul Synergistic blend of omega-3 fish oil, curcumin, and key nutrients for brain health
bul Supports cognitive clarity and memory function
bul Helps protect neurons and their support cells

ProDHA Memory is a potent, DHA-rich formula that supports brain health in a blend of four nutrients: concentrated omega-3 fish oil, optimized curcumin, phosphatidylcholine, and huperzine A.* The omega-3s EPA and DHA, along with phosphatidylcholine, support the structure and function of brain cells.* Optimized curcumin and huperzine A aid in neural communication and help protect neurons by modulating the effects of oxidative stress.* Cumulatively, these nutrients help protect, rebuild, and restore an environment that promotes healthy cognition.*

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