Professional Botanicals PB106-4 Drams An-I (Herbal Oil #1030)

Applied Topically - Not For Human Consumption - Supports the maintenance of the body’s healthy immune response.

This herbal oil supports the immune system’s natural ability to create an optimum defense.

Use when the great outdoors isn't so great.

We all love being active and outside, but on occasion that requires our immune system to work overtime. Topical AN-i Oil supports the immune system in healthy healing. Pairs well with BCT Oil.

Proven, effective, natural ingredients

Inside AN-i Oil, you’ll find a powerful combination of herbs like Echinacea Root and Calendula Flowers, which supports your body without the negative side effects that come from using products with harmful or toxic ingredients. Basically, we don’t create products that we wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves.


Contains proprietary tincture of the following herbs in an Olive Oil base: Echinacea Root, Goldenseal, Calendula Flowers, Plantain Leaf and Myrrh Gum Resin. (Contains no known allergens, preservatives, glutens or lactose.)

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