Core Universal Foam Collar

Contoured design and hook-and-loop closure provide support and act as a gentle reminder to limit motion. One-inch (3cm) thick polyfoam covered with a cotton stockinette. Extra beige stockinette sleeve included. Variety of heights, 24" (61cm) total length,

This soft, foam cervical collar is a non-rigid neck support. It is made from light density foam rubber and is covered with a 100% cotton stockinette. This collar, if properly positioned under the jaw, partially unloads the cervical spine by supporting a portion of the weight of the head. It also helps keep the neck warm and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion. This product should be used only under the supervision of a doctor. If you experience any sudden increase in pain or have any questions about the use of this collar, consult your doctor. Sizes: 24" (61cm) total length. Fits 15 1/2" (39cm) to 23 1/2" (60cm) neck.

  • Supports head and neck.
  • Reminds you to limit head and neck motion.
  • Comfortable contoured design.

Care Instructions: Close all hook-and-loop fasteners to prevent damage to other fabrics. Remove the extra stockinette and wash separately.

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