6701 Corebak Support

Comfort and support at an affordable price. Double side pulls and closures offer strong support to lumbar region. Breathable fabric provides cool and comfortable wear. Durable gripper tape prevents migration. Flexible stays add support and prevent rollove

Our CoreBak™ Industrial Support offers comfort and support at an affordable price. Its design, including double side pulls and closures, provides strong support to the lumbar region for a wide range of activities and helps alleviate muscle strains, supplementing weakened or stretched abdominal musculature.

In the industrial setting, where repetitive motion is common, it helps reduce the risk of injury and acts as a reminder to use proper lifting technique. The suspenders promote proper lifting posture and remind you to keep shoulders square.

This comfortable support features flexible stays to add support and prevent rollover, and durable gripper tape to prevent migration. Breathable fabric provides cool and comfortable wear - a plus for those whose level of activity generates heat, whatever the weather. Available in a wide range of sizes.

○ Helps reduce risk of injury. 
○ Comfort, support at an affordable price.  
○ Helps relieve lower back stress and prevent muscle strains. 
○ Supports weakened abdominal musculature, as in postpartum applications. 

Available in a wide range of sizes.

• Small 28-32" hip, 22-25" waist

• Medium 33-37" hip, 26-31" waist

• Large 38-42" hip, 32-37" waist

• XL 43-47" hip, 38-43" waist

• 2XL 48-52" hip, 43-48" waist

• 3XL 52-57" hip, 48-53" waist

*Measure at widest point of either hip or waist for correct belt size.

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