Pillow of Health - Queen

Queen Pillow of Health®. Adjustable for customized comfort.
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Pillow of Health® is Very Cool

It breathes better to stay cooler all night long!

We’ve used the latest technology to create a cool and comfortable pillow.


The more breathable a pillow is, the cooler it feels to the touch, causing reduced discomfort, sweating, irritation and odor. This means less tossing and turning throughout the night. Even when compressed, the air permeability between the fill’s fiber clusters, inside PILLOW of HEALTH®, remains much larger compared with that of traditional pillow filling fibers. The Fabric on PILLOW of HEALTH® is 40x more breathable and 40x more cool, than other pillows on the market!


PILLOW of HEALTH® features a unique stretchy, moisture wicking fabric specifically engineered for professional athletes to take moisture and heat away from their bodies. This stretchy fabric will allow the foam and fiber fill to conform perfectly to your head and neck, and will keep you cool and dry all night long.


Our fill bounces back instead of clumping together throughout the night.


One of the features that sets our pillow apart of any other is that it allows you to customize the amount of filling inside it. There is a proprietary zippered opening providing access to the stuffing so you can add or remove the foam and fiber fill to your desired firmness.

Bag of Fill

Bag of Fill OptiAir Relief Fill

Each customizable pillow purchased with us is sent with an extra bag of OptiAir Relief fill. Add or remove as much fill as you want, our pillow can easily be adjusted exactly how you want it.

Size: Self-adjusting Queen Pillow = 20” x 30” (w/2” Gusset)

Cover: Moisture wicking polyester spandex (Antimicrobial, moisture wicking)

Inner Liner: 70% Polyester, 30% Rayon

Gusset: Polyester Micro Suede (Antimicrobial, water repellent)

Foam: High Resilience urethane foam (Antimicrobial)

Fiber Fill: 100% Polyester Siliconized Cluster Fibers

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