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Formulated for extended nutritional support of inflammation management. The combination of bromelain (plant based proteolytic enzymes) and other key ingredients make it ideal for long term maintenance. Pro-Enz is recommended for follow up after the acute phase of injury is addressed, as support for patients with physically demanding lifestyles (heavy labor, athletes) as well as those subject to pro-inflammatory lifestyle factors (poor diet, stress, etc.)

Contains botanicals ginger, turmeric, boswelia and rosemary shown to be mild inhibitors of COX, Nf-kb and leukotriene synthesis.  Also contains the lower dose level of the proteolytic enzyme bromelain.  Long term use is helpful for those suffering with chronic pain and inflammation. 


- Formulated to address minor pain - especially for returning to health from muscle tears, trauma and for minor joint complaints.

- Utilizes several ingredients that address the excessive function and over-expression of cyclooxygenases (COX) and lipoxygenases (LOX) and help return these enzymes to normal levels (responsible for nagging, continuing minor aches and pains).

- Curcumin, ginger extract and ursolic acid discourage the excesses from overactive enzymes by two independent mechanisms; (1) at the level of enzyme biosynthesis (2) at the level of enzymatic function.

- Contains a lemon bioflavonoid complex for long-lasting antioxidant support.

- Provides the active form of the enzyme bromelain; a well- characterized enzyme to help gently modulate central nervous system activity (1). Bromelain also helps reduce excessive fibrin deposition at injury sites and helps return hormone levels to a healthy, anti-inflammatory state and inhibits unnecessary platelet activation.

- Excellent follow-up product for resolution of tissue damage after prescribing Zymain ® or Ultra Cal-M ® to relieve acute symptoms.


A nutritional supplement combining a variety of herbal extracts for the maintenance phase of recovery, indicated for patients recovering from trauma, such as superficial and deep muscle bruises, blunt trauma, tendon/ligament complaints, mechanical-accidental trauma and strenuous work-outs by weekend athletes.


Tan and white speckled tablets; 60 or 120 tablets per bottle. Suitable for vegetarians.


For long-term use, take 2 or more tablets per day or as directed by your health care professional.


Persons hypersensitive or allergic to pineapple, turmeric, ginger, boswellia, citrus products or rosemary or the byproducts or extracts of these should not take Pro-Enz.

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