Ultimate Stopain Clinical Starter Pack

Ultimate Stopain Clinical Starter Pack

Ultimate Stopain Clinical Starter Pack

Ultimate Starter Pack Includes:
•6 Stopain® Clinical Gel Tubes, 3 Roll-ons & 3 Sprays with Counter Display
•16oz. Gel Pump •100 ct. Sample Packet Display
•12 Retail Boxes of Migraine Headache Formula with Display
•Posters & Window Clings to Display in Clinic
•32oz. Bottle of Conquer. Ready to use Disinfectant Cleaner

Stopain Clinic
• 10% Active Menthol
• Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Conditioners
• Sweat Resistant Formula
• Penetration Enhancers For Fast Relief
• Can Be Used With Kinesiology Tape

Stopain Migraine Ingredients:
• Mentholum - Frontal Headache, Supra Orbital Pain and Pain over Frontal Sinus
• Belladonna - Forehead pain, Occiput and Temple Pain, Pain Worsened from Light and Noise
• Iris Versicolor - Front Headache with Nausea, Sick Headache
• Sanguinaria Canadensis - Sun Headache, Periodical Sick Headache, Pain in Back of Head

Stopain Migraine Directions
Tear open packet and dispense gel onto fingertips. Apply to the back of neck and behind each ear until product is absorbed.
• Use entire contents of packet
• For best results, apply as soon as you feel discomfort
• If after 30 minutes symptoms persist, apply second packet

Conquer™ Ready to Use Disinfectant Cleaner
• Ready-To-Use – no dilution or mixing required
• Effective on all hard, non-porous surfaces including: clinic tables, counters, chairs, exercise equipment and other high-touch surfaces like door handles, sinks and faucets.
• Use regularly on all high-touch areas in your facility
• Non-Abrasive, Alcohol & Bleach free formula
• EPA Registered

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