Body Drummer Pro X Percussion Massager

The Body Drummer Pro X is an intense, painless percussion massager that sends percussion waves deep into the muscles for pain relief.


POWERFUL AND PAINLESS DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Body Drummer Pro X massage gun reduces deep muscle pain and stiffness with professional quality.

ENHANCE PERFORMANCE: A massage gun for atheletes - use for a pre-workout warm-up or post-exercise cooldown, the Body Drummer Pro X promotes reduced muscle soreness by improved circulation and fascia relaxation and can help increase range of motion.

QUIET AND LONG-LASTING: The brushless motor in this handheld quiet massage tool means relief without loud, distracting noice and with a long-lasting battery.

DIGITIAL ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: Choose between 20 different intensity levels depending on your needs. 30 minutes a day deep tissue massage with this hyper massage gun is an effective solution for back pain, rapid tension relief, and more.

FIVE MASSAGE HEADS: Choose the best option for the muscle group you are treating, from neck to feet you'll feel this power massager in your deep muscles.

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