Biospec 989 Dysbi-Ease

Promotes healthy intestinal microbial balance.

Most digestive complaints and many other health problems can be improved by weeding out harmful microbes in the G.I. Tract. Dysbi-Ease is an integral part of our Digestion Protocol. This natural, yet highly effective complex helps remove the harmful microbes and yeasts that lead to a variety of unhealthy conditions.*

• Over 100 million U.S. adults suffer from digestive disorders such as Gastritis, IBS, Gerd, etc. Most of these disorders are the result of or made worse by Dysbiosis.*
• Berberine Sulfate (barberry root extract) is the most effective of all natural ingredients for the removal of harmful microbes in the intestines.*
• Myrrh Gum Extract (methanol extract) is a natural, yet highly effective antibacterial agent.*
• Calcium Undecylenate is a extremely effective, well-tolerated antifungal from castor bean oil. Studies indicate this substance is 5 times more powerful than Caprylic Acid.*

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